We understand that different products have their own performance needs the focus of our in-depth research. Our products have been used in miscellaneous items, keys, watches, kitchen supplies, adult supplies, sporting goods...

    Consistent quality

  • All imported high-quality raw materials.
  • Has a standard light box for color, color device, analytical balance, vulcanizing machine, high-temperature oven, QUV photoaging instrument, XRF RoHS detector and a number of advanced laboratory testing equipment.
  • The implementation of high standards of management, lean production.

    Almighty Environmental

  • The pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection, to create green products and create green management.
  • LEGB / RoHS / PAHS / FDA / 7P / REACH and other testing is complete.


  • The company has set up more than a decade, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience.
  • Engineering, quality personnel proportion of the total number of more than 35%.
  • Color fast, 10 minutes to complete a color proofing debugging.

    Excellent service

  • Successful customer service number exceeded 2000.
  • All customer requirements as the center and services exceed customer expectations is the goal.

Factory 11 Anniversary Tour Factory 11 Anniversary Tour The lion would encourage Customers to encourage Company staff to visit and study the Huayang special school

Shenzhen Coloursoul technology co,.ltd. was founded in 2003,in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou and other places have a business branch. Coloursoul on silica gel color, to provide the best service and quality assurance to customers.

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  • Dao Kangning
  • DuPont
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  • Samsung